Do what big companies did to become successful. We deliver transformation ideas and help you plan and execute, whatever the scale or complexity, enabling you and your users to interact smarter, faster and better through digital channels.

What we do?

We’re leading the way in changing how organisations think about digital

We work collaboratively with customers around the world to deliver truly transformative solutions. With a user-first approach, our solutions are secure, accessible and cost-effective from the design and build of a website or online store to the digital marketing or internal business processes strategy and beyond.

We know most entrepreneurs really focus on cost. What matters is the quality of the outcome but we want to be transparent and for that we give you an idea of what you should expect for our services.


A business website can vary based on the functionality requirements. It could be between 500€ for a 3-10 pages website to roughly 3000€ for a simple e-store. 

The cost can rise to more than 10000€ for a more complex solution.


For small businesses we charge a minimal fixed amount of 150€ per month to create and maintain the online campaigns. 

For campaigns that spend over 10K per month in digital ads we charge 2% on the spend we manage.

App Development

An app is a very challenging project and very much depends on the functionality of each individual pageview created.
It can start from as little as 15000€. You can call us or send us a message for a free consultation.


For our digital enablement service or to use of our proprietary PaaS the costs are based on the complexity of each individual project.

Depending on your current infrastructure, technologies in place and processes in your company this may vary significantly.

Who we work with

SMEs account for 90% of our client portfolio

Our services are driving digital transformation in any sector and size of business. We can help SMEs step up and grow with smart digital solutions that change the way they operate and brand themselves. 


Proprietary Video on Demand service

Built with any size organisation in mind to cover their video streaming needs. Our proprietary streaming platform allows us to integrate video streaming in any project we build for our clients, for efficient, fast and cost effective data transmission.

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